[gardeners] New listowner

Terry (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 13:03:06 -0700

Thank you Margaret,

I probably will be posting more now, especially since its warm enough to
have something growing to talk about.  This has been a mild spring and the
water table is nearly back to normal.  The grass is green (early too) and my
daffodils along the house foundation are blooming, the bulbs in the beds
away from the house are growing, the rose leaves are budding out and today
is a sunny day, the first in more than a week.

DH & the boys are doing well.  My oldest is now 6'3" tall and driving.  The
younger boy is about 5'10" and is almost old enough to take drivers


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Hey, Terry!  Good for you, taking over this usually thankless job.  Perhaps 
now you'll be moved to post once in a while.  Hope all is well with you, DH 
and the boys.  And George, thank you for your efforts over these 
years.  Margaret Lauterbach

>Friends, I am pleased to announce that Terry King, one of the original
>members of the Gardeners list has become the new listowner as of
>tonight. Please welcome her and give her the support you have always
>given me.
>I will not be leaving the list but will remain a member. Thank you for
>the help and the good times over the past six years.