Re: [gardeners] need some ideas

Billie (
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 18:11:03 -0400

>I have a Nellie Moser Clematis growing on my arbor in similar
>sun conditions as yours. It seems to handle the part shade
>conditions just fine. It covers one side and most of the top
>of the arbor.

We have one of those on our mailbox! :)  Very pretty flowers.  I 
hadn't thought of clematis for the shady side of the house - the one 
that has the dark purple flowers would be nice over there.

The spectra roses are nice too - I've seen them (I think) at a local 
rose garden/amphitheatre - they had climbed really really high up a 
gazebo-like structure.

I need to look around and see what's available in the local 
nurseries... went to the farmer's market today but it was so cold and 
drizzling - no fun looking at outdoor plants!

billie hinton

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