Re: [gardeners] need some ideas

GizmoAZ (
Sat, 19 Apr 2003 15:49:17 -0700

Hi George,

The new version of SpamEater pro will bounce back the messages too. 
 That is if your internet provider allows it to do so.  Regrettably Cox 
blocks that feature! *pout*!  I guess they are afraid programs like this 
will create to much internet traffic.  I would vote for any president 
who made it illegal to spam users! :)  Or at least have an op-out list 
like the do for phone lines now.

Chat with you later...
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Alan Zelhart
Gardens Co-listowner
 "Space is an illusion, disk space doubly so""" wrote:

>I just recently bought MailWasher, $19.95, and love it. 
>Works a lot like your Alan and bounces the spam back to the sender and also blacklists them. I can check or read email while it is still on the server and then dump it.  Blacklisting keeps them from showing up on my puter again.
>George, reading email on daughter's computer in Houston area