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Sun, 20 Apr 2003 13:25:55 -0400

And this is why I don't have a dog door! Eek! Here in the woods, I'd get all
kinds of critters.......but especially raccoons!


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> Happy Easter to all!  I hope everyone has had as beautiful a morning as we
> are having today.
> I was shopping yesterday and bought four 2.5" pots of clematis and what I
> believe is an Ornithogalum hybrid (a relative of those Pregnant Onions,
> Margaret) with orange flowers from Walmart.
> I have had such good luck in the past with the little pots of clematis
> Walmart, especially the alpina types that I believe they are very worth
> while to purchase.  The varieties I bought are:
> Pillu (group B1) a rebloomer that resembles Nelly Moser and blooms double
> spring, single in fall.
> C. vitacella Rubra (group C) red flowered species that is a summer bloomer
> Inspiration (group C) a large four petalled pink summer bloomer
> C. tangutica Golden Harvest (group C) another species that has a hanging
> yellow flower that from the photo appears to have dark inners sides to the
> petals.  Summer bloomer
> I arrived home late in the evening last night and had a surprise while
> putting away things I bought.  My laundry room serves as a cool storage
> as well as having a cat door and a cat feeding area.  As I opened to door
> put things away I thought there was a stray cat we've been having trouble
> with but very quickly realized it was a skunk! I stopped stock still as I
> realized this, then quickly but calmly stepped back and closed the door.
> thought for a few seconds then made some noises on the door to encourage
> to leave.  When I opened the door again it looked at me and I said in a
> calm, non-aggressive voice "go outside" and it did and without spraying
> I was so relieved!  After I made sure it was gone, I quickly locked the
> door shut.
> Terry (relieved to not have to clean skunk spray out of the house) :)