Re: [gardeners] Happy Easter!

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 20 Apr 2003 11:57:56 -0600

What's worse, Rosemary, is that a few years ago, Terry was stalked by a 
mountain lion/puma.  It couldn't get in the house, of course, but Terry 
lives in a wild area, pretty remote.  BTW, Terry is the first listowner 
I've met in person.  She's an attractive woman, maybe 40.  She's also a 
shepherdess and spinster.  Terry, why don't you tell people about your 
sheep, special dogs, DH, etc.?  And make that 6'3" guy help you in the 
garden before he goes to university or, God forbid, war.  Margaret L

>And this is why I don't have a dog door! Eek! Here in the woods, I'd get all
>kinds of critters.......but especially raccoons!