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Wow, I don't think I've been a first for many things. ;)

Actually the cougar was stalking my kids when they were much smaller, I just
happened to be out there when I spotted her.

I'm sorry to say I no longer have sheep.  We sold them last fall.  I just
didn't have the time for them anymore.  I still have one angora goat and the
horses are still here as are 3 three geese, 3 dogs, 4 cats and duck.  I
haven't done much spinning lately but have been really getting back into

It's hard to get my 6'3" guy doing anything in the garden, he hates
gardening.  Although, he is growing oak trees from acorns so maybe there is
hope.  He will work for pay and he owes a lot for car & insurance. My
younger son likes to grow things more but is hard to get motivated to work.
They did enjoy helping burn the weeds earlier this spring but that involve
fire which is cool. lol!


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What's worse, Rosemary, is that a few years ago, Terry was stalked by a 
mountain lion/puma.  It couldn't get in the house, of course, but Terry 
lives in a wild area, pretty remote.  BTW, Terry is the first listowner 
I've met in person.  She's an attractive woman, maybe 40.  She's also a 
shepherdess and spinster.  Terry, why don't you tell people about your 
sheep, special dogs, DH, etc.?  And make that 6'3" guy help you in the 
garden before he goes to university or, God forbid, war.  Margaret L

>And this is why I don't have a dog door! Eek! Here in the woods, I'd get
>kinds of critters.......but especially raccoons!