Re: [gardeners] peanut butter

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 26 Apr 2003 07:45:20 -0600

That depends on your taste, Penny.  I don't cook with salt, and DH never 
adds it.  We only use peanuts.  Our favorite supermarket has a machine and 
a hopper full of peanuts (on one machine, the other has almonds), so we use 
that.  We pay for the pnut butter by the pound.  They sell machines that 
make nut butters, and they're fairly inexpensive.  Margaret L

>Thanks for your replies, Margaret and Craig -- if one does not own
>a blender, any ideas on how to mash the peanuts into a properly
>smooth paste? A bit of salt would be added, wouldn't it..?
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