[gardeners] Thursday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 01 May 2003 13:54:58 -0500

Wandering around outside after I got in from work this morning at 0830
and noticed a few things. The green beans came up spotty so will have to
replant about a third of a row. Chard is up about an inch, crowder peas
are up with their first true leaves. Radishes came up spotty too but I'm
not worried about them. Most of the cukes came up just fine and the okra
is starting to break the ground. We lost two tomato plants and one sweet
chile so we bought two more tomatoes and two more sweet chiles at the
feed store Tuesday afternoon.

The hot chiles are doing great, blooming with small chiles already set
and more to come. I'm going to have to stake the front row of chiles and
the back row can be tied off to the fence to hold them up. They're in an
area where the wind gets channeled down between our house and the
neighbors so they tend to get blown over when it's blustery.

Will plant and water in the basil seed this afternoon, the soil is just
right and we're getting warmer days. Warm enough that the air
conditioning runs from about noon until six or seven at night.

Miz Anne has been culling plants in the front yard on the knoll around
the white oak tree. Some of the stuff she had planted there gets so
invasive it was hard to see or even find the oriental lilies, amaryllis,
etc. She had someone come over yesterday who bought the remainder of her
plants she had for sale at the garage sale last month. Don't know how
much she got because she only gave me ten bucks for herbs I had potted
as she finally sold the last of them. It sometimes pays dividends to
pull a bunch of oregano and thyme from whence it had wandered and then
pot it all up in two inch throwaway pots. Even sold some potted parsley
and leaf celery. I was surprised that she sold a bunch of sweet annie
(invasive and she warned them of that) and another batch of Powis Castle
artemisia (also a spreader here).

Life is good.