Re: [gardeners] Thursday in the garden (
Thu, 1 May 2003 23:21:03 -0400

Must say, George, that two forsythia do not a garden make ....

Not spring yet, even tho the various ornamental trees are in
bloom. Also evident, unfortunately, is the very late brown-off of
so many, many shrubs!  Everywhere I look, another hedge ruined.
Never heard of winter weather killing off the entire outside of
all the ilexes I own, even the huge ones!  Walking in front of the 
hospital today, I saw that the row of 30 junipers borndering the 
sidewalk has been massacred -- every single front face of each
shrub is burned. I've pulled out about 8 azaleas which are gonners.
Half my front pink dogwood is gone. The front rhodies look as
if a steel mill hot blast of air passed over them. 

What makes for a bizarre contrast is the lawn, both back and front. 
Never have we seen it look so uniformly green and lush!  It looks
fake..  Of course, by midsummer it won't, but right now it is amazing. 

I don't know where to begin!

Penny, NY


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