Re: [gardeners] Hollyhocks in bloom (
Sun, 4 May 2003 23:50:22 -0400

Hi, Alan -- your photos are wonderful!  Great that we can all share them

As an experienced rose grower, perhaps you can help me...? I
received one miniature rose (unamed) on March 25th, mailed to
me from a well known place in San Diego, Ca. It was in excellent
physical condition, and had about 8 tiny dark red roses on it. 
I hung it from my window ceiling hook where it gets full morning sun.
I water it with ve-r-y dilute 20/20/20. 

After about 3 weeks I found that quite suddenly many leaves were
fading away to brown in no pattern at all. No signs of insects. No
darkened veins. 

I finally sprayed it with Chlorothananol but saw no improvement. No
other plants were infected. A week later I sprayed it again. It 
continues to go downhill. 

Since this one particular plant means so much to me, I would dearly
love to keep it alive. Any suggestions...?

Penny, NY


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