Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the garden, last week (
Mon, 5 May 2003 00:08:17 -0400

Well, George and friends, Mother Nature sure sent a warning signal 
last Tuesday when Jimmie, carrying far too much stuff plus 2 long
screwdrivers and a steel file up the cellar stairs --  lost his
confidence. He grabbed for the banister but his hands were too
full, and so he fell backwards down the whole flight of stairs onto
the concrete floor. 

I took him home from the hospital on Friday night. He had CAT scans
of his head, neck, chest and kidneys, but they only found a mild
contusion of his lung, and unbelievable arthritis of his entire neck --
and of course, we did know that he had mighty much problems with 
his spine. But he is in constant pain in the chest and neck, and
was hallucinating wildly on the first 3 days, so the doctors do not
dare to give him any proper pain medication. 

The two of us are worn out. My daughter Terry has been pitching in
beautifully, but of course she cannot make up for our lost sleep. I
can only hope that Mother Nature stayed in school long enough to get 
her Master's in healing.

Penny, NY


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