Re: [gardeners] OT sorta: Mother's Day

George Shirley (
Sun, 11 May 2003 22:10:31 -0500

Since I quit smoking 10 years ago my sniffer has greatly improved. Kept
telling Miz Anne I smelled something spoiled in the fridge. What with
her sinus congestion she couldn't smell it. Did the same thing you did
Penny, started taking things out and checking. Turned out to be a one
cup container of fat free sour cream that had been in there a looonnnggg
time. No smell no more.

I would rather the birds get a few whilst they chase the bugs around.
These Dorman Red raspberries are tasteless anyway and will go after this
season. I'm giving up on raspberries in the south and will put a
thornless blackberry in their place.

Sounds like Jimmie's body temp regulator has gone awry what with the
fall. Mine is messed up due to diabetes so when everyone else is just
right I'm too hot or too cold. My feet are freezing right now and it's
80F in here.

Keep an eye on him though.

George wrote:
> George, why don't you put the inexpensive bird netting over
> your raspberries...?  It lasts forever ...
> On Mother's Day I am glad that Jimmie got a lot of phone calls --
> yesterday he was so depressed and insecure that he could not take a
> step without both holding his cane and my hand. Today he seems
> to have passed that stage. He's not used to being "sick" -- terrible
> patient, actually -- and he expects to be ready to shovel snow by
> now, since it's already 12 days since his fall...  OTOH, he cannot
> remember how to start a recording on the VCR -- I could swear
> that he had a concussion, but the Cat Scan seems ok.
> And then he's freezing, suddenly. He climbs in the shower 4 times
> a day, just to warm up, with me standing right by just in case. The
> whole thing is mighty scarey.
> The kids called from all over the States, and one of them came over
> to share our pot luck supper. She walked into a bonanza most
> unexpectedly:  I had made real old fashioned plain chocolate pudding
> for a Jimmie treat, and daughter hadn't tasted any in 20 years!
> Comfort food, it's called ....
> We did have a nightmare in the kitchen for two days -- son-in-law
> Gino sent me roses for Mother's Day, bless his young heart, and their
> pungeant fragrance permeated the room completely. However,
> something spilled or spoiled in the fridge and I could not find it!  In
> the end I had to take everything out and inspect it, and I found a
> jar of sauerkraut whose lid had fallen off ...  Can you imagine the
> roses and the kraut all broadcasting their song from one end
> of the house to the other...??? Aaaaargh....
> Next week will be better.
> Penny, NY
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