Re: [gardeners] OT sorta: Mother's Day

Jann (
Sun, 11 May 2003 22:13:37 -0500

Sounds like you had a good day. I hope Jimmie feels better really soon. It 
does sound scary.


At 10:01 PM 5/11/03 -0400, you wrote:
>George, why don't you put the inexpensive bird netting over
>your raspberries...?  It lasts forever ...
>On Mother's Day I am glad that Jimmie got a lot of phone calls --
>yesterday he was so depressed and insecure that he could not take a
>step without both holding his cane and my hand. Today he seems
>to have passed that stage. He's not used to being "sick" -- terrible
>patient, actually -- and he expects to be ready to shovel snow by
>now, since it's already 12 days since his fall...  OTOH, he cannot
>remember how to start a recording on the VCR -- I could swear
>that he had a concussion, but the Cat Scan seems ok.
>And then he's freezing, suddenly. He climbs in the shower 4 times
>a day, just to warm up, with me standing right by just in case. The
>whole thing is mighty scarey.
>The kids called from all over the States, and one of them came over
>to share our pot luck supper. She walked into a bonanza most
>unexpectedly:  I had made real old fashioned plain chocolate pudding
>for a Jimmie treat, and daughter hadn't tasted any in 20 years!
>Comfort food, it's called ....
>We did have a nightmare in the kitchen for two days -- son-in-law
>Gino sent me roses for Mother's Day, bless his young heart, and their
>pungeant fragrance permeated the room completely. However,
>something spilled or spoiled in the fridge and I could not find it!  In
>the end I had to take everything out and inspect it, and I found a
>jar of sauerkraut whose lid had fallen off ...  Can you imagine the
>roses and the kraut all broadcasting their song from one end
>of the house to the other...??? Aaaaargh....
>Next week will be better.
>Penny, NY
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