Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the garden, last week (
Sun, 11 May 2003 23:28:38 -0400

Margaret, I much appreciate your message about that incredible 
growth on your hubby's head which he did not want to get help
for -- right now my eldest daughter's boy friend is walking around
holding his cheek because his tooth aches so much that he cannot
stand it -- but he is too afraid to go to the dentist...  And my own
Jimmie, before his fall of 12 days ago, was told by the neuro-
surgeon that nothing would do any good except for surgery on his 
back, and still Jimmie decided to go try P.T.  It almost killed him!
And yet I cannot get him over his fear, and he carries a lot of
pain around with him day by day.

When you mentioned oxycontin, I knew that Percocet, which they
gave to Jimmie after the fall, actually is Oxycodeine (which is NOT
plain codeine, but is a real "opioid" and very dangerous). We both
looked it up on the Internet, and verified that. So yes, it was the
Percocet which gave Jim those 3 days of hallucinations in which
the hands of the clock were moving backwards, and all that good
stuff ...  Jim's doctor was away on vacation, and he assigned a
covering doc who assigned still another covering doc to look at Jim.
That man diagnosed Jimmie with walking pneumonia, low potassium,
the whole book of sicknesses, took him off of Vioxx for his terrible
spinal aches, put him on antibiotics - and prescribed that Percocet.
No other doctor looked at Jimmie for 2 days. EYE had to change 
Jim's bed! On the 4th day a doctor came around to discharge him 
because "the hospital is understaffed on weekends". He said that
the 1st doctor had misdiagnosed Jim, so he took him off of antibiotics,
off of Percocet, off of potassium supplement, and sent him home
I told him that Jimmie cannot even get up on his own feet, but the
doctor said oh nonsense - Mr. Stamm, can you get up on your own
feet? and jimmie said, "Yes!" because he wanted to go home. Doctor
never asked him to demonstrate .....

On Monday we called up MY doctor who agreed to see Jim right away. 
He took over the case, and said he would send for all the papers, to 
call him on Friday. Friday came and went, and the man never called 
us back. Now that occurrence has shaken my faith in our whole

Meanwhile I called the hospital radiology department, and they said 
why sure, come on in on Monday morning and we will get you a set of
the radiologists' reports on the 4 Cat Scans...!  I already have the
films, so I will send the whole package off to son-in-law Gino in
St.Louis for appraisal.

No surprise that I am tired beyond belief. But ain't nothin' gonna make
me give up caring for this hubby of mine -- remember, ir will be
60 years in just 2 weeks. Phenomenal, isn't it...?

Penny, NY


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