Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the garden, last week

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 12 May 2003 08:24:12 -0600

At 11:28 PM 5/11/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Margaret, I much appreciate your message about that incredible
>growth on your hubby's head which he did not want to get help
>for -- right now my eldest daughter's boy friend is walking around
>holding his cheek because his tooth aches so much that he cannot
>stand it -- but he is too afraid to go to the dentist...  And my own
>Jimmie, before his fall of 12 days ago, was told by the neuro-
>surgeon that nothing would do any good except for surgery on his
>back, and still Jimmie decided to go try P.T.  It almost killed him!
>And yet I cannot get him over his fear, and he carries a lot of
>pain around with him day by day.
>No surprise that I am tired beyond belief. But ain't nothin' gonna make
>me give up caring for this hubby of mine -- remember, ir will be
>60 years in just 2 weeks. Phenomenal, isn't it...?
>Penny, NY

Men are the worst patients in the world, I think.  Chuck had a very, very 
mild (thank God) stroke about 5 years ago. That was his wake-up call to 
watch his diet more carefully (quit drinking, too), check blood sugar four 
times a day, etc.  He doesn't exercise though, and says he does not want to 
be a garden slave.  I'm hiring people to help me in the garden, but there 
are some things he has to do for me.  Well, tomorrow's the day.  I hope 
that cancer hasn't penetrated the bone.  I've spent about half of my life 
in the dentist's chair, having been born with unusually soft enamel.  So I 
don't commiserate with people who are too chicken to see the dentist.  I do 
sympathize with Jimmie's fear about back surgery, but they have such easy 
innovative ways to mend backs now, he really should have it done.  Good 
luck, and hope you both will have better sleepful nights soon.  Margaret