[gardeners] Rain

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 17 May 2003 11:25:30 -0500

Finally got some measurable rain today, about 1/8 inch it looks like.
Still, it was a nice rain and we desparately needed it. I went out early
and put the sprinkler on, came in to fix Miz Anne and I some breakfast
and went to call her. Lo! Mother Nature was sprinkling my garden so
turned the city water off. Now, if we could get a nice soaking rain for
about a week we could catch up on the seven inches of rain we are behind
on. Don't think it will happen though so feel blessed to have what we

The last peach is still on the tree, about to ripen. I have it bagged in
an onion bag in an attempt to keep the squirrels off. We still have some
Fuyu persimmons on the tree and they are getting larger so I have
ordered bird netting for that tree. The elderberries are in full bloom
right now and I'm looking forward to a nice crop of those.

The tomatoes are loaded with green fruit, the eggplant are too. The
green beans are in bloom, including the replants so they're looking good
too. Crowder peas are up and putting on runners so it won't be long for
them. Okra is still a little behind and the swiss chard is just sitting
there. The lettuce is doing okay and the squash are starting to get big.
Cukes look okay but we need to plant more if we're going to make pickles
this year.

With the rain the whole place smells nice and fresh and the green will
blind you.

Life is good.