[gardeners] Thursday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 29 May 2003 10:12:32 -0500

Just came in from doing a little harvesting in the veggie garden. The 
first Ichiban eggplant of the year was picked as were about a little 
over a quart of green beans. Not to bad on the green beans as we had to 
replant more than half the row due to lack of water early on. Also got a 
half dozen red and white radishes that look to be hotter than the Hubs 
of Hades.

Six Longhorn semi-sweet chiles and two nice New Mexico chiles were 
picked from the chile strip. Lots of blooms and small fruit in there as 
there are amongst the tomatoes. Still haven't gotten in there to stake 
the tomatoes but will try tomorrow and maybe start this afternoon.

Things are sort of hectic around here, last day of school for the kids, 
another day left for the teachers, and my best friend's wife had a micro 
stroke last night that affected her swallowing reflex.

The boysenberries are done bearing and the Dorman red raspberries never 
got to bloom stage. Time to get the round-up after both of them as I 
want to replace them next year with an upright blackberry, one of the 
new "ho's" probably, Arapaho, Navaho or one of those types. The mayhaw 
trees are still being cut down, a few limbs at a time with the bow saw, 
just enough to put at the curb in a bundle for the city chipper to 
whack. Probably get the main trunks out this weekend with my friends 
chain saw so I can plan on something else to go in there.

Trying to convince Miz Anne to let me dig up the LA iris that are back 
in that corner of the yard too. They're the most common variety and we 
don't get back there much plus they're under the mayhaw trees so you 
can't see the blooms in the deep shade. I'm wanting to get all the iris 
in beds in the front where they will get morning sun until about noon 
and then shade for the rest of the day. Make a showier display there too.

We're saving the lilies that have the tiny red blooms for disposal 
later. Grandson and his lady are getting married in July and the wedding 
is going to be outdoors and Hawaiian style. Granddaughter-in-law to be 
thinks the red lilies will look good on the altar. Once those are gone 
from the ginger bed I will plant more "store" ginger as that bed appears 
to be ideal for gingers. The hidden and butterfly gingers appear to be 
budding up so there will nice blooms there soon.

Life is good.