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Wendy Van Camp (
Mon, 9 Jun 2003 00:09:08 -0700

Janni, deadheading your roses will encourage more flowers.  Enjoy the
blooms.  When a few of the pedals blow off...then take your pruners and
find where the first five leaf branch is under the bloom...cut just
above it.  The rose, if healthly, will sprout up a new vine at that
point and bloom more.

Actually, it sounds like this is not a healthy rose. It might be
virused...which is why it hasn't bloomed.  Or it could be lack of food
or water.  I had roses that did poorly last year and had very yellow
leaves and only a few flowers...but I didn't understand rose care last
year and didn't feed them.  This year I fed the roses...they have
healthy leaves and are blooming like mad.  Turned out to be a lack of
rose food.  I've gotten two vases of flowers from them already...last
year, not even one vase all summer long.

Good luck and enjoy your blooms!

Wendy Van Camp
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: [gardeners] Roses
> We have ONE rose bush we planted about 7 years ago. This year is the
> year it has bloomed, lots of medium sized dark red roses. Should we
> off the blooms that are finished and cut the branches back?
> Janni