[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 09 Jul 2003 19:04:11 -0500

Just came in from the main garden and the chile forest. Picked four of 
those Zuchetta Rampicante Trombocino about 12-14 inches long and very 
firm, will slice, blanch and freeze tomorrow. Also got 10 more eggplant 
to go with the 6 that are in the refrigerator. Looks like time to make 
the rounds with the plastic bags again. Another dozen cukes also came in 
and I can't face another one so they get added to the bags too.

Did get about 3 dozen mild chiles that I will chop and freeze tomorrow 
and another 3 dozen or so of the ripe hot chiles that will go into the 
bags in the freezer tonight. Be a goodly crop when I'm done to make hot 
sauce this fall.

Miz Anne is picking figs again but, luckily, she has friends who want 
them as we have put up all we can eat and give away and even dried a few 
trays of them for snacking. Good long time yet for the persimmons to 
ripen but they are getting big.

We had rain again today but not more than we could stand. Tomatoes are 
about played out, so are green beans and crowder peas so all those will 
come out this weekend. We picked and froze the corn so those stalks will 
also come out clearing up space for something else.

In August we will plant the stuff for the fall garden, more tomatoes, 
just a few plants, green beans, chard, radishes go in later but the 
broccoli and cabbage will get planted in August. Busy times ahead and 
we're planning for our eldest grandson's wedding the 19th of this month 
and then Miz Anne goes to visit her 95 yo mother in Maryland the 21st 
and then teacher workshops start on the 28th.

Looking forward to the grandson's wedding, it's to be a Hawaiian theme 
in a park near where they live. We're all wearing Hawaiian shirts, baggy 
shorts and sandals and wearing fern wreaths on our heads. The brides 
bouquet is one we're making, butterfly ginger, and a tiny flowered red 
canna plus some other things growing here. The bride is wearing some 
sort of flowered sarong and the groom is wearing one of my Hawaiian 
shirts and a lap lap (sarong for men) that I brought back from Yemen in 
1991. Luckily I had two alike so his best man (younger brother) is 
wearing the other. Should be a real hoot and we're going to take lots of 
pictures. After all, it's our first grandchild wedding.

Life is good.