Re: [gardeners] Friday in the garden (
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 00:29:38 -0400

Hi there, George -- Jimmie is being discharged this coming Thursday,
like it or not. Up to now he has had round-the-clock aides with him;
once he gets home, I am going to try to eliminate the night aide.

Jim can walk with a walker (and an aide behind him dragging the
wheelchair) for about 130 ft before he tires out. His posture is a
problem -- he sits upright in a chair, but stares at his shoes when 
on his feet. He'll fall into a manhole the first time he walks 
outside of the nursing home! 

Wednesday he could not climb down the therapy steps, altho he
could climb up them. Thursday he could not go up or down. 
Friday he successfully climbed both up and down!  If he can 
continue using the stairs, life will be MUCH more satisfactory
for all of us at home, since we have 3 steps up to our bedroom 
and shower, and also at the front door. 

He also cannot manage the bathrom or dressing himself. The 
surgeon says he wants to wait for more time for the squashed
nerves to heal. We don't go back to him for a month .. 

He is allowed to ride in a car so long as he has the neck brace 
and a seat belt on. No problem there, since he has to wear that 
brace for 3 months anyway. 

He can feed himself, but it is so difficult that he finishes a meal
soaked to the skin from effort. Nevertheless, he does it all by 
himself. It takes about 2 hours for each meal. 

His outlook is incredibly positive -- Bless him for that! I know that
everybody wishes him well, and he will need all the good vibes he
can gather up to make this transition to home. 

So will I. 

I actually saw Jim eat some yellow and green squash for dinner 
tonight -- and I did see him eat the fish last night!  Maybe he has
learned to increase his food acceptances, I hope-a-hope-a-hope...

Penny, NY


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