Re: [gardeners] Sadness in the Monday garden

Dan Dixon (
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:22:29 -0500

George Shirley at wrote:

> Wish she had picked the cukes, squash, and eggplant before she left. I
> think I'm getting allergic to the pricklies on their leaves as I break
> out in a rash anywhere I touch them. It's gone in an hour or so but sure
> bugs me while it's there. Anyone else ever experience this?

I don't recall getting a rash but my forearms between elbow and wrist will
stay itchy for a little while after working on or picking cucerbits. Might
be some sort of histamine inducing amide in the tiny thorns on them.
Sometimes repeated contact with a plant can cause an allergy to develop.
Have you picked very many cucurbits in your life?  ;)

Dan Dixon