Re: [gardeners] Sadness in the Monday garden

George Shirley (
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 13:12:25 -0500

Dan Dixon wrote:

> George Shirley at wrote:
>>Wish she had picked the cukes, squash, and eggplant before she left. I
>>think I'm getting allergic to the pricklies on their leaves as I break
>>out in a rash anywhere I touch them. It's gone in an hour or so but sure
>>bugs me while it's there. Anyone else ever experience this?
> I don't recall getting a rash but my forearms between elbow and wrist will
> stay itchy for a little while after working on or picking cucerbits. Might
> be some sort of histamine inducing amide in the tiny thorns on them.
> Sometimes repeated contact with a plant can cause an allergy to develop.
> Have you picked very many cucurbits in your life?  ;)
> Dan Dixon

Hard to say Dan, my folks gardened and Miz Anne and I have gardening 
nearly 43 years now. Always planted cukes cause the wife likes them raw 
(I don't) and we both like pickles. Rough order of magnitude guess would 
be in the bazillions. That's gardener talk for "Good Grief, here comes 
old man Shirley with an armful of plastic bags."<VBG>