Re: [gardeners] Sadness in the Monday garden

George Shirley (
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 13:09:15 -0500

Billie wrote:
> I do get red and itchy touching the pricklies, but it doesn't go all the 
> way into a rash, and it doesn't last long.
> Hope her trip is good and that things around the garden/house don't get 
> *too* sad...:)  Maybe just the right kind of missing -  where just when 
> it starts to get lonely she'll be back and you and Sleepy will 
> appreciate her all the more.
> News from our garden: deer have eaten every single peach off the smaller 
> of the two peach trees - in one night! Taking a cue from that I've 
> picked two big bowls of peaches off the bottom half of the other bigger 
> peach tree and we've been enjoying them all weekend. They weren't quite 
> ripe but seemed to ripen quickly in the kitchen window.
> We have so many pears I'm not sure what we'll possibly do with them all. 
> They're still hard so I have some time to figure it out!

Pear mincemeat (no meat in it), pear wine, pear conserve, cinnamon 
pears, creme de menthe pears, pear honey, pear butter, pear sauce. Wish 
I was closer as our pear tree hasn't started bearing yet and our friend 
decided to cut both of his down.

> Lots of tomatoes and green peppers, but the squash plants have gotten 
> way too much rain. The kids are happy b/c their watermelons are doing 
> well. I hope they get at least a few big ones.
> Got the roses by my son's window back up on its new trellis. The 
> goldfish and koi have babies which I'm hoping can evade the big giant 
> bullfrog living in the same pond with them.
> There's the constant buzz of insects outside and it's hot but we've been 
> getting a little breeze the past few days so it seems cooler.
> billie

Heat index outside at the moment is 106F, Sleepy and I are hiding in the 
air conditioning.