Re: [gardeners] Catching up

George Shirley (
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 13:18:15 -0500

Ron Hay wrote:

> Good morning, friends!
> It seems like forever since I took the time to write. My mouse died last 
> week, and it to find the time to purchase a new one and to install it 
> was a trick, indeed.
> Our garden, which was put in late, owing to our vacation in Bavaria, is 
> now coming into production. Lots of chard (hard to keep up with it all 
> before it bolts in this heat). basil, some green beans and a few hot 
> peppers and one Armenian cuke.
> Yes, George, I do get a bit itchy when handling cukes, zukes and yellow 
> crooknecks (the very definition of fecundity!).
> Tomatoes are large and green and will ripen in this 90 plus heat very 
> shortly.
> Passion fruit and macadamias are ripening apace; what nectarines we have 
> been able to save from the squirrels are delicious.  Apricots were a 
> disaster this year, since we didn't have time to net the tree before we 
> left for Munich, and the fruit was already too large for us to net by 
> the time we got back...or we would have knocked it off with the net.
> We have had a number of Japanese eggplants, but we have had to fight red 
> spider. We hate to have to use malathion, but have resorted to having to 
> do so, or we would lose the whole patch. Nothing much else seems to be 
> effective this year.

So far we've taken over 100 Japanese and LA Long Green eggplant from the 
six plants in the garden. No bugs except the odd slug that gets the one 
that hangs close to the ground. Wasps are working them all the time and 
getting the bad guys for their larvae.

> On the subejct of the wedding, it sounds absolutely delightful! Did you 
> use cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches as part of the finger food (VBG)?

Gawd no! I don't eat raw cukes and particularly not cuke sammiches. Used 
to watch the Brits eating those when we were in the Middle East and I 
actually tried one. Yuch!!

> Penny, as you know, our prayers and best wishes are with you both (and 
> your whole family!). Do try to be good to yourself, to try to take a few 
> hours off to rest and to get away from the house while the aide is 
> there. I know it must be very difficult to focus on anthing else but Jim 
> at this time, but no one wants to see you run yourslef down to the point 
> where  you are likely to suffer health consequences.
> Well, friends, the ugly spectre of work rears its ugly head.
> Happy gardening to you all.
> Ron