[gardeners] Ramblings of a Pickpocket was Sadness in the Monday garden

tr1ulium@bellsouth.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 14:20:33 -0400

But I'm not very sneaky, and lack manual coordination skills.  There's a box in the hall at work today, and I've tripped over it twice already.  ;)

Actually, I'd like to think I would have been a Princess, at least.  Or the heroine of a Regency novel.  

I seem to remember having long red hair and riding a camel to a remote palace--or was that a Barbara Cartland novel?  

Much more glamorous than sitting at work typing, followed by walking on the treadmill at home, fixing supper, and cleaning house.

Think how much more exciting our lives could be if they were just accompanied by a soundtrack, like in the movies.  One-second glances in real life  become 2 minute meaningful moments with various camera angles.  Hmmmmm....just noticed I used the same letters in 2 different words in the previous sentence.  Glances, angles.  Can you tell I'm going into a stream-of-consciousness mode?  Need to eat something today other than sugar.  Had Whoppers for breakfast and several mini candy bars for lunch.

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> Date: 2003/07/22 Tue PM 01:32:04 EDT
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> Subject: Re: Re: [gardeners] Sadness in the Monday garden
> Maybe in your former life you were a pickpocket, Elizabeth.  Margaret L
> >I'm asking you, Kay, just because you seem to know the answer to 
> >everything!  On hot days when I'm working outside, sometimes my hands 
> >swell up. They start to itch, and feel better if I wash them in cool 
> >water, or hold an ice cube.  Often just one hand will do this.
> >
> >It also happens sometimes (don't laugh) when I get excited, like when I'm 
> >shopping and find something I really want.  My hands start to itch, 
> >literally, and feel warm and swell a little.  So, it happens when I don't 
> >think I've touched anything to have an allergic reaction to.
> >
> >Anyone have this problem, or know what it might be?
> >
> >Itchy Fingers Elizabeth
> >tiarella@bellsouth.net
> >