Re: [gardeners] tinnitus

Kelly McElheny (
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:58:20 -0400

gingko bilboa is a good remedy for tinnitus...did hearing damage from 
attending too many really loud concerts...and it's virtually gone since I've 
started taking it.  Check with your doc though, if you are on blood thinning 
meds or heart meds it can have an adverse affect.  It's really good for your 
memory too.
Happy gardening...
Kelly in VT

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>Subject: Re: [gardeners] Ramblings of a Pickpocket was Sadness in the  
>Monday garden
>Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 08:49:14 -0500
>I thought I may have had tinnitus one day when I woke up and every time I 
>talked, my words, in my left ear were accompanied by this strange, tinny, 
>almost an echo sound. I thought it was brought on by my vacuum because the 
>wand has a very high pitched whistle and it aggravates my ears. I looked up 
>Tinnitus on the net and decided that wasn't it. It went on for a week, then 
>disappeared. It was too strange. I am having a very hard time losing sight 
>in my left eye due to glaucoma, so the thought my ear was next with that 
>sound was disturbing.
>>I've had tinnitus since a nasty ear infection in 1985.  It's manageable, 
>>though - I sleep with a white noise machine, and don't notice it at other 
>>times, unless I'm in a very quiet room.
>>Just the same, I'd drive a long way for a guaranteed cure.
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>>Subject: Re: [gardeners] Ramblings of a Pickpocket was Sadness in the 
>>Monday garden
>>I have ringing of the ears, too, but manage to ignore it most of the time. 
>>  Will have to see if there's a particular tune!

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