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George Shirley (
Mon, 18 Aug 2003 13:22:27 -0500

Granddaughter is taking dual enrollment classes then, she goes to high 
school and college simultaneously, both are separate but the college 
gives college credits and the high school accepts those as high school 
credits too.


Anne Green wrote:
> AP and dual enrollment are really two different things that achieve the 
> same goal.  At least they are here in FL and a couple of other states.  
> Both give college credit for classes taken while still in high school.  
> There are, however, differences.  AP classes are given in the high 
> school by high school teachers (PhD or not).  A test must be passed for 
> the student to get college credits.  Dual enrollment are given at the 
> local community college by college teachers (professors or not).  No 
> extra test is needed as the student has taken an actual college course.  
> With AP if the student fails the test there is no mark on their college 
> record.  With dual enrollment they get what they get and it transfers to 
> any other college pass or fail.  That does not mean that the Community 
> college could not give courses on the high school grounds during and 
> after regular hours. 
> We have AP here in our area, but when I was in high school ^(&* years 
> ago we had teachers  from the CC that came in and taught us seniors. 
> Anne in FL
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>     Hello, George,
>     Thanks for the great description of your growing family.
>     Taking such college courses in high school is fairly common
>     nationwide, and is usually referred to as "AP" course or advanced
>     placement.
>     It's great that they are available in Louisiana, too.
>     Ron