RE: [gardeners] Weekend report

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 06:25:52 -0600

I hear milk spray kills powdery or downy mildews. concentrations of 1/4 
milk, 3/4 water usually does the trick. If it comes back, spray 
again.  Margaret L

>My sympathy for your poor roses, Ron.
>My tomatoes are not making flowers at the moment - it's been too 
>warm!  But the fruits that are already set are happily ripening.  The 
>peppers are, as you say, coming on like gangbusters.
>I always get powdery mildew.  I had some cukes which produced very nicely 
>for me for a while, and then  stopped - partly from neglect while I was 
>busy with medical stuff, but partly because they had the powdery 
>mildew.  I pulled them.   I have also pulled a squash - it produced very 
>nicely and hadnt stopped producing delicious yellow squashes but it had 
>the powdery mildew and was overgrowing its allotted space!  A third squash 
>is mildly affected but continues to produce.
>In answer to your question about the absence of moisture, "powdery mildew 
>spores are carried by wind to new hosts. Although humidity requirements 
>for germination vary, all powdery mildew species can germinate and infect 
>in the absence of free water. In fact, spores of some powdery mildew fungi 
>are killed and germination is inhibited by water on plant surfaces for 
>extended periods."  This quote is from the Powdery Mildew article at 
>Jeanne in S. Orange County, CA