Re: [gardeners] Weekend report (
Wed, 20 Aug 2003 01:24:13 -0400

Hi, Ron -- my daughter Andrea would give her soul for 
macadamia nuts in any guise -- I can barely taste them,
so it is hard to know why all the excitement. I usually send
her some Scottish short bread cookies with macadamia nuts
inside at Christmas. Never see them the rest of the year, do

Jimmie has been on Home Therapy for 3 weeks, and will start
the HARD PUSH therapy on Sept. 5th, at which time the neck 
brace may or may not be allowed off ... He is now walking inside
the house without a cane, but not outdoors. Is also feeding himself,
if a bit ungraciously. And sometimes he walks right up or down
3 steps, while other times he gets rubber knees and needs to be
held up. The doctor says wait until a year has gone by and then 
we will see how much he has come along. He still has 
round-the-clock aides. That is very good and very bad, for he is
spoiled rotten! 

No garden at all this summer. There are some volunteer tomato
plants out there, with no artificial watering or care, which yesterday
yielded us 5 lovely cherry tomatoes, 2 of which were of the orange

Penny, NY


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