[gardeners] Re: powdery mildew

Dan Dixon (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 20 Aug 2003 11:18:22 -0500

Zelhart Alan-rpcs30 at Alan.Zelhart@motorola.com wrote:

> I've found that just a plan ole water wand works as good as the milk solution.
> Mildew likes cool dry nights, and warm dry days, raising the humidity in the
> garden helps discourage it about as well as anything.

Maybe there's different kinds elsewhere, but the powdery mildews that grow
here in TN thrive in both hot humid weather as well as cold damp weather.
Putting water on the plant infected with it is like throwing gas on a fire.

As I understand it, the milk solution (as well as baking soda, sulfer, or
even the fungicide I use) just deters further reproduction of the mildew
somehow. It don't actually kill it, supposedly.

Dan Dixon