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I'm not surprised by this.  I've found that just a plan ole water wand works as good as the milk solution.  Mildew likes cool dry nights, and warm dry days, raising the humidity in the garden helps discourage it about as well as anything.  At least here in our dry climate that seems to work. Also making sure you have good air circulation is a big plus.  Don't plant those roses so close together like I do ;)  In other words, do as I say, not as I do ;)

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What concentration of milk were they using?  That's contrary to what I've 
been hearing.  Margaret L

>Hello, Margaret -- I made a special trip up to Canandaigua Lake
>(about 300 miles) to the Sonnenberg Gardens, just a few years ago,
>to investigate their special project of using milk to control the
>mildew on their roses. It was a trial instigated by Cornell Univ.,
>and I went as a Master Gardener (trained by them).
>What I found was a catastrophe. Upon investigation, the bottom
>line was that all roses must be sprayed every 3 days without fail,
>in order for the milk solution to have any benefit -- and this means
>if it doesn't rain!  Ain't nobody around with that much time
>available, apparently, to make the product work.
>Penny, NY