Re: [gardeners] Weekend report

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 20 Aug 2003 07:18:29 -0600

In my younger days I was far too unwary, and bought unshelled macadamia 
nuts at the market.  Sledge hammer just bounced off.  Weight of the car 
wouldn't crack the shell.  Never got to eat a one.  How does that 
nutcracker work?  Margaret L

>Yes, a macadamia nut's shell is very, very hard, indeed.
>One of the reasons macs are so costly is that it is both difficult to 
>crack the shell and to do so keeping the kernel whole.
>We purchased a mac cracker from a macadamia coop in San Diego County a 
>year ago, for the incredible sum of 70 bux. I've never spent anything near 
>that for an ordinary nutchracker. But guess what: it works like a charm, 
>even enabling a neophyte like me to crack out some nuts with whole 
>kernels. Wow!
>It is really an experience to crack such nuts, because their shells fly 
>everywhichway, at incredible velocities, owing to the hardness of their shells.
>How is Jim doing??