Re: [gardeners] Weekend report

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 20 Aug 2003 07:03:55 -0600

What concentration of milk were they using?  That's contrary to what I've 
been hearing.  Margaret L

>Hello, Margaret -- I made a special trip up to Canandaigua Lake
>(about 300 miles) to the Sonnenberg Gardens, just a few years ago,
>to investigate their special project of using milk to control the
>mildew on their roses. It was a trial instigated by Cornell Univ.,
>and I went as a Master Gardener (trained by them).
>What I found was a catastrophe. Upon investigation, the bottom
>line was that all roses must be sprayed every 3 days without fail,
>in order for the milk solution to have any benefit -- and this means
>if it doesn't rain!  Ain't nobody around with that much time
>available, apparently, to make the product work.
>Penny, NY