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Terry (
Wed, 20 Aug 2003 18:48:06 -0700

Nope, it's a totally different one.  Here is a little of what Symantec says
about it:
W32.Sobig.F@mm is a mass-mailing, network-aware worm that sends itself to
all the email addresses it finds in the files that have the following

To read more about it you can go to:

It was upgrade to a class 3 threat and it can also steal secure information
including passwords.


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Is that a variant of the Blaster Worm?  I got it the day before Norton put
the detection on Live Update, and finally got rid of it.  I have had it sent
me 4 times since, always detected, fortunately.  Lucinda

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> I just to let you all know to extra careful about spam emails you receive.
> For the past two days I have been deluged by spam containing the
> W32.sobig.F
> worm, as have others.  For example today in my first morning email check I
> found 70 messages containing viruses; thank goodness I have
> Mailwasher so I
> can delete them off the server without downloading.
> You won't get it from the list because viruses and worms are not
> accepted by
> the server but you could get it from other spam.
> For those of you who have programs that bounce spam back to the sender, I
> suggest you disable the bounce feature or uncheck bouncing on all large
> emails so you don't get blacklisted by Spamhunter or one of the other spam
> detectors for sending viruses.
> Terry