RE: [gardeners] virus heads-up

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 10:22:10 -0600

I have done that, Anne.  I've downloaded everything I need (there's way too 
much dreck in the guise of music and video enhancements, that I am NOT 
interested in.  I've downloaded everything else, nothing ever identified as 
"blaster patch" or anything even close to it.  Margaret L

>Do a google search for "windows updates.  Microsoft Windows updates was
>my first choice.
>That should open up a window that has a search engine for all the
>windows updates available for your computer.  IT will look at your
>computer and give you a list of updates.   Click on that search option
>and it will come up with a list of critical and recommended updates.
>Download as many as you can at a time.  Be sure to pay attention as some
>require to be done alone with no others and some can be downloaded in
>multiples.  Follow the instructions from there.  You may have to restart
>your computer when done.
>Anne in FL