RE: [gardeners] virus heads-up

Anne Green (
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 11:52:28 -0400

Do a google search for "windows updates.  Microsoft Windows updates was
my first choice.
That should open up a window that has a search engine for all the
windows updates available for your computer.  IT will look at your
computer and give you a list of updates.   Click on that search option
and it will come up with a list of critical and recommended updates.
Download as many as you can at a time.  Be sure to pay attention as some
require to be done alone with no others and some can be downloaded in
multiples.  Follow the instructions from there.  You may have to restart
your computer when done.  
Anne in FL

> What I find so @#$% frustrating is that everyone goes to 
> download "the 
> patch."  My ISP warns me that if I pick up the virus, they'll 
> disconnect me 
> until I get the computer cleaned, and they give me an URL and 
> tell me to go 
> download "the patch."  I go where I'm told, and am told to 
> activate XP's 
> firewall (I'm very reluctant to do that since I have Norton's 
> firewall in 
> place and activated), and follow their other two "steps."  I 
> do not see a 
> @#@$%^ patch to download.  Can anyone tell me what I'm doing 
> wrong?  Margaret L