[tomato] thanks Dee-Dee

Mon, 10 Mar 1997 07:31:30 -0800

Thanks to you Dee Dee for the advent of a much needed subject

Do other members have any favorites for flavor especially of the open
pollinated variety?Heirlooms/open-pollinated are a specialty for me and
try to stay away from F1s if at all possible as I am a dedicated seed
saver......Have other members noticed toms (some)that are reputed to
taste fabulous in the east of the country do not always measure up to
that reputation here in the west.I am told if one practices patience by
growing out that tom for 2-3 yrs it will adapt to western climate/soils
and once again regain the flavor it had when grown in the east.Anyone
try this for themselves or know someone who did?

What is the earliest best flavored tom you have ever grown?
What is the prettiest best flavored tom you have ever grown?
What is the most unusual(color,shape etc)best flavored grown?

Anybody interested in seed exchange while there is still time this
season?Have seed will trade..Look forward to lots of posts come on
listers..Connie, in the south of Idaho where spring is making inroads.