Re: [tomato] favorites and such

Dee Dee (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 22:06:47 -0800

> Do other members have any favorites for flavor especially of the open
> pollinated variety?Heirlooms/open-pollinated are a specialty for me and
> try to stay away from F1s if at all possible as I am a dedicated seed
> saver......Have other members noticed toms (some)that are reputed to
> taste fabulous in the east of the country do not always measure up to
> that reputation here in the west.I am told if one practices patience by
> growing out that tom for 2-3 yrs it will adapt to western climate/soils
> and once again regain the flavor it had when grown in the east.Anyone
> try this for themselves or know someone who did?

I also grow mostly the open pollinated varieties. No, I have never stuck
with a variety that did not live up to it's reputation. I am curious

> What is the earliest best flavored tom you have ever grown?
> What is the prettiest best flavored tom you have ever grown?
> What is the most unusual(color,shape etc)best flavored grown?

I have many favorite... and am always find new ones to add to the list!
Ask me again next year :-)
I like the cherries for early - galinas is good. If anyone can recommend
a good EARLY small/medium open pollinated tom, please do so.
For pretty flavor, a bicolour like regina's yellow is a favorite. It
is sweet, large, smooth, well formed fruit that has always done well for
me. For unusual colour I like the greens. These always get the biggest
reaction from people. Some current favorites are Aunt Ruby's and Dorthy's.
For unsual shape, I like the carrot or pepper shaped opalka. Full flavored,
meaty and good fresh or dried.

What are your favorites?

> Anybody interested in seed exchange while there is still time this
> season?Have seed will trade..Look forward to lots of posts come on
> listers..Connie, in the south of Idaho where spring is making inroads.

As a fellow dedicated seed saver I'll trade any time. What are
you looking for?