Re: [tomato] hot weather tomatoes
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 08:34:52 -0400

Most of us are reading your message and are jealous. I know my
growing season here in Maryland is long enough to grow tomatoes from
Mid May to September most times. I would kill to be able to grow
them from September to May as well. Do you think you could grow them
during that time?

Sorry no answer to your question other than to look through the
Burpees Catalog.


> The weather here in Hawaii is fairly nice most of the year but very
> and humid between July and mid-Sept. I've been thumbing through the
> Totally Tomatoes catalog and wondering if Sunmaster/Heat wave, Solar Set,
> and Sunny hybrids really do produce well during the hotter days and taste
> good. Has anyone found a better variety or can recommend another catalog
> dedicated mainly to tomatoes to puruse through? thanks :) Irene
Scott D. Jung PC-Hero
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