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Paul Lasakow (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 09:32:16 -0500

>Subject: [tomato] Homemage Tomato Cages, what do you use?

>Homemage Tomato Cages, what do you use?

>I have used the cone shape ones you buy at the store. The plants always out
>grow them. These are the very large size.

>Early girls........heading for the soil.....soon.....


The recent issue of Mother Earth News has an interesting design for
fabricating cages from uprights made of 3" PVC pipe with cross members of
1/2" electric conduit. Advantages: unlike wire the conduit does not
encourage the resting branch to crimp under its own weight; pour fertilizer
tea down the uprights and it goes straight to the roots; it's cheap enough;
and after the growing season it breaks down and stores neatly and compactly.
I havn't tried it... just saw the plans while perusing the mag at a Stucky's
in between DC and Norfolk.