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Paul Lasakow wrote:
> >From: robbert@ccnet.com
> >Subject: [tomato] Homemage Tomato Cages, what do you use?
> >Homemage Tomato Cages, what do you use?
> >I have used the cone shape ones you buy at the store. The plants always out
> >grow them. These are the very large size.
> >Early girls........heading for the soil.....soon.....
> >Tips.....

Paul,if it helps any I've used everything from your sort to hog wire
(staked and linear)to concrete wire in 8'rounds.I like both of these as
they are strong and the weather doesnt harm them in the long term.The
concrete wire type were bought in pre-cut sections which we just shaped
into rounds,staked and planted 2-3 indeterminate toms on.This enables
you to reach in to harvest and it will support the heaviest of vines.The
cages you mention are fine but when you plant 25-50 tom plants @ year,
you need dependable long term supports.

BTW this season growing out some older seed(some up to 8 yrs old)which
has had no special treatment what so ever(most of it is in same packets
recieved in ,just house temps)So far 20 of 22 different seed varieties
have germinated.All are open pollinated types and seedlings appear
normal, healthy...Does anyone else have personal experience with this
subject?Whats the oldest seed you have ever managed to germinate and
grown on to maturity?Different books state different lenghts of
viability,ranging from 4 up to 10yrs.Gives creedence to some
(expert)opinions to wit"tomatos the tropical weed"thank heaven!

Wishing all a great season,Connie.