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I used to have the same problem. My blossom end rot came mostly from a
lack of water. Of course there is a trickle down effect from there that
eventually leads to the rot. But all technical stuff beside, my solution
the next year was to mulch. I dont know what the implications of mulching
container tomatoes may be, so you should check that out first, but my
plants are in the ground, and not a sign of blossom end rot. Even though I
haven't had any rain lately, I still irrigate very rarely.

At 04:28 PM 7/16/97 -0700, you wrote:
> wrote:
>> To the people (the Lasakows) whose tomatoes are all ripening at once
with no
>> new fruit set - perhaps you're growing a determinate type of tomato plant?
>> Those varieties do exactly what you're describing, producing a bunch of
>> pretty much all at once and then quitting. If this isn't what you want,
>> consider growing INdeterminate varieties, which produce fewer fruit at one
>> time, but keep putting out fruit until they're killed by the fall frost.
>> Happy gardening!
>> - Anna V. in Zone 77/16
>Many of my tomatoes are turning brown on the bottom before they ripen.
(celebrity, roma,
>patio, early girl). I am growing in barrels in potting soil.
>Is this what is called "blossom end rot"?
>Does anyone know if this is due to too much fertilizer (I have been using
>for tomatoes), not enough fertilizer, too much water, not enough water?
>This just started. I live just north of Los Angeles near Ventura County.
>Any suggestions or adivse would be appreciated.
>Howard Goodman

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