Re: [tomato] tomatoes turning brown

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 09:28:13 -0600

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>> >>Many of my tomatoes are turning brown on the bottom before they ripen.
>> >(celebrity, roma,
>> >>patio, early girl). I am growing in barrels in potting soil.
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>> >>This just started. I live just north of Los Angeles near Ventura County.
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>> >>Any suggestions or adivse would be appreciated.
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>> >>Thanks,
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>> >>Howard Goodman
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>> >dry. You may have to water more often than once daily. Good luck,
>> >Margaret (who hopes you'll consider buying different varieties of tomato
>> >next year)
>> >7/17
>Thaks for the advice. I think they are probably too dry.
>Which different varieties do you recommend for next year. Most of the
>nurseries around here only carry the "ordinary" varieties.
>Thanks again,
Start your own from seeds, Howard. Try Sun Gold for cherry tomatoes, and
one of the thousands of varieties of open pollinated (non-hybrid) tomatoes
available. Send to Tomato Growers Supply Co., P.O. Box 2237, Fort Myers,
FL 33902 for their free catalog (I have no connection). They have 310
varieties of tomatoes, for instance, where you can read the descriptions,
etc., and avoid those that sound like they won't grow well in your climate.
It's a lot of fun to grow heirloom tomatoes, and you're doing the world a
service by keeping the larger gene pool in operation. Best, Margaret