Re: [tomato] Tomato Question

John & Jan Taylor (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 19:31:38 -0600

Ahhh... my favorite tomatoe dish?

Just plain ol sliced ones that have just been  picked from my plants, salt shaker in
hand....under a tree in the back yard on a very hot summer of
course... is nice to see everyone waking up from a winter's break and posting to this
great mailing list. Motivates me to get out there and turn the garden. Have not had
a free weekend since the first of the year. Think I need to make this Sunday my
garden day....

Nothing like sitting in a garden getting it ready for a spring planting. Don't think
any Doctor in the world could cure what ail's ya that working in a garden could do

Jan T.
San Antonio, Texas
Where we have not had a winter......

Wayne Fugitt wrote:

> >>I received this message and thought this list could help. What
> >>do you think is the most popular tomato dish in this country?
> Okra and Tomatoes of course !
> A friend of mine gave me a recipe that was the property of his
> Grandmother. I think he sent it by email.
> I brewed it once...... and everyone though it was the best they had
> ever eaten.
> Honestly....... I think that is the only file I have ever lost. I did however
> remember all the ingridients, and the mixing instructions, cooking instructions,
> ect.
> If anyone has a super good recipe for Okra and Tomatoes, I would make
> a trade.
> Wayne
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