[tomato] VA Mycorrhiza

Louis Mensing (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 14:45:58 -0800

I am reposting a letter send to tomato@GlobalGarden.com last July.  I am
hoping some of you will try VA Mycorrhiza on your own tomatoes this year.
Eggplant, cucumbers, and squash also really performed too.  Not only did my
tomatoes grow strong, sturdy vines but they ripened earlier and had truly
superior taste.  I got my VA Mycorrhiza from Don Chapman at
http://www.bio-organics.com/     I feel I need to make a disclaimer here
that I do not work for him nor have I even met him.  He has been most
pleasant to deal with however.
Here is my old post...
I have waited and waited for posts from members discussing the use of VA
Mycorrhiza when growing tomatoes...but I've found none!
This is the first year I've used VAM in growing tomatoes (or anything else
for that matter).  I am absolutely amazed at the growth and development of
the plants.  We had our first fruit (granted they were Super Sweet 100's)
last week and a good-sized Early Girl is ripe now.  I realize for some of
you in warm night climates this is no big thing, but I live in Western
Oregon where mid to late July ripening has been average in my garden.
The plants started out as purchased 4" pot,
garden center plants.  I am growing 15 varieties.  When I got the plants in
April, I transplanted them in gallon pots after first sprinkling VAM
innoculum (about a Tbls.) on the roots of each plant.  These grew on until
the first week of June when they were planted in the garden.   The garden
soil is covered with red plastic sheeting under the tomatoes and the
indeterminate varieties are growing in cylinders of rebar mesh.  At this
time all of the plants have fruit in some stage of development.
Has anyone else used VA Mycorrhiza?
Also, as with other groups, I would find it useful to include climate zones
and/or location to better understand setting of your growing experiences.
Louis Mensing
Z. 7b  Willamette Valley, OR