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Wed, 11 Mar 1998 15:08:32 +0800

Dear Anna,
Thanks for your message. I live in Singapore. We have summer weather all
year round, although the temperature does vary a little throughout the
year. It's rather hot here, but I set my plant out such that it only
gets the morning sun for about 4 hours or so. There are certainly no
bees or insects around my plant. Is that really necessary? Maybe I
should really give the plan a gentle shake every day? I'll try that from

What about fertilising the plant? Should I even fertilise at all? I read
that it may be due to over-fertilising that I'm getting blossom drop.


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	Don't throw that tomato plant out yet! Where do you live? Could
it be that
	it's too cool for the flowers to set fruit? Or perhaps there
aren't enough
	bees or other pollinators around and you need to give your plant
a gentle
	shake every day to help the flowers self-pollinate and make

	- Anna V. in Zone 9