RE: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #73

Terry King (
Wed, 11 Mar 98 09:40:31 -0600


If you have lots of blossom then over fertilizing is not the problem.
Too much heat will also make the blossoms drop.  Tomatoes often will not set 
fruit in temperatures over 100 degrees F.  Also if the plant's soil drys out and 
too much shade will cause the blossoms will drop. Keep soil evenly moist but 
not soggy and try to give it a couple hours more sun, maybe late in the 
afternoon if its too hot mid-day.

On Wed, 11 Mar 1998 15:08:32 +0800, Loh, Kai-Chee wrote:

>Dear Anna,
>Thanks for your message. I live in Singapore. We have summer weather all
>year round, although the temperature does vary a little throughout the
>year. It's rather hot here, but I set my plant out such that it only
>gets the morning sun for about 4 hours or so. There are certainly no
>bees or insects around my plant. Is that really necessary? Maybe I
>should really give the plan a gentle shake every day? I'll try that from
>What about fertilising the plant? Should I even fertilise at all? I read
>that it may be due to over-fertilising that I'm getting blossom drop.

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