[tomato] I think I killed 'em...

Kimberlee Simmons/ (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 04:50:27 +0500

Yep, I think I killed my seedlings.  I left them out a bit too long 
last night and they were droopy when I brought them in...no some of 
them look like parts of the leaves have died, while many that were 
droopy are still droopy.  :-(  Suprisingly, the smaller ones were the 
ones to get through it better!

Now, does anyone know of any way to nurse the sickly ones back 
towards health? (notice I didn't say *to* health! <G>)

Another question (I'll have a lot of them since this is my first time 
growing from seed; I usually get mine from the garden center): 
I don't have any pots to "pot up" my seedlings in, and a couple are 
begining to flop over form their own height (stems aren't thick 
enough to hold them up).  The ones that are having this problem are 
about 5"-6" tall.  Can lean them upa against some thing (like each 
other) until then and then do the Deep Bury, or will I have to prune 
them to make them stockier?  And if I have to snip them, *how* do I 
snip them?

(yes, that was more than one question...so prune me! <LOL>)



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