Re: [tomato] I think I killed 'em...

Kimberlee Simmons/ (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:02:42 +0500

On the subject of Re: [tomato] I think I killed 'em.., Margaret 
Lauterbach said:

> did it get cold while your plants were outside?  

Yep, it did...quite chilly!  :-(

> what color are the leaves now?  if they're black you did kill them. 
> If they're white you left them out in the sun too long and the 
> leaves are probably dead.  Water more sparingly and see if they try 
> to re-leaf.  But were I you, I'd direct seed more tomatoes in your 
> garden, and toss the plants.  Margaret
The leaves are mostly their normal color...a coupel have white spots. 
 Darn it all, and I put them back outside today!  Well, we'll see 
what I can salvage...

I can't direct seed, as I'd have to use all early tomatoes and I 
don't want to.  I'm in Zone 5.  <boo-hoo>  Next year I'm gonna try a 
few seeds again, and give most of them to my local nurseryman so he 
can grow them for me...then I can see how well i did and ask what 
he's doing that I'm not!  And I'll get seedlings either way.  :-)

Thanx for the advice!  I'll be sure to keep my seedlings completely 
shaded for the next few days...but I have to acclimate them to 
outside (plus I have to reclaim my kitchen counters before the 
kitchen gets too cluttered to work in! <BG>)


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