[tomato] saving seeds from heirlooms

Kim Van Scoy (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 04:54:29 -0500

Hi Margaret, Thanks for your reply, it was most helpful.  C.S.A. stands for community
 supported agriculture.  It is a very popular way to support local agriculture in WI right now.
  Individuals buy a share of a local growers produce (usually around $200 per year I
 believe) and in exchange receive a box of produce everyweek throughout the growing
 season.  The pros are that the grower is assured of selling his crop before the season and
 has money in the spring when it is needed for buying seeds.  Many of the C.S.A.'s have
 open farm days when the subscribers can come out to the farm and see how things are
 grown etc.  

At our place we grow a large pesticide/herbicide/inorganic fertilizer free garden and sell
 produce at the local farmers market.  We also raise a few sheep and chickens.  Thanks
 again for your help.  I'll let you know how the saved seeds turn out.